'Space Cadets' - Energy Space Clearing Services

Home/Business Clearing and Magnetic Grid Adjustment

This on-site cleansing and blessing will clear all negativity, darkness, and black magic from your home or business. The earth’s magnetic grid will be repaired and Divine energy will flow throughout your property, resulting in more peaceful and joyful living/working conditions.


In-person Home Clearing:

Suggested donation:

Up to 2,000 square feet: $300
Up to 4,000 square feet: $400

In-person Business Clearing:

Suggested donation:



Larger businesses: Please contact us with your dimensions and we will generate a suggested donation rate for you.

Distance Home or Business Clearing


This distance cleansing will clear all negative and dark forces, and all black magic from your home or business, and each person residing or working on the property will also receive healing.

Suggested donation: $150

Special rates available for low income and start up businesses. Please contact us, as no one will be turned away.








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